Video -Editing & Animation Training

Final Cut Pro – Editing – 1 month

AJA Techonology offers professional short course training for film and TV as well as technical courses in linear an nonlinear editing

Students get their hands on a working perceptive of non-linear editing on Final Cut Pro, These courses are very practical, industry, with its own dedicated training Centre, and with over14 years’ experience Faculty will conduct the course

Professional post-production narrates the video broadcast series, emphasizing the artistic control a video editor has on the end result. Adding video effects and audio edits are among the topics explored.


2D Flash Animation – 2 Months

AJA Technology offer 2D Multimedia Animation is a serious step in professional training. These course provide step by step instructions for extensive use of flash for Multimedia. The content modules is especially designed from and employment perspective considering the requirements of the industry today. This will help serious students not only get an insight into what potential employers look for but also guide them to develop their basic skills to meet the entry level requirements of the industry. Overall, it will help students to build a very strong understanding of the basics of the 2D digital media.


Target audience

· Graphic Design/Art/Animation/Multimedia etc. Students, Individuals aspiring to build a career in the Visual Media, Small scale Independent Institutes.

Flash Game Development

We are highly specialized in providing Flash Game Developing applications being an integral part of the Internet community. Flash games such as 2DOnline Games, Girl Games, Kids Games, and Cooking Games have always been a simple and expressive inin every age of life. Flash games have always been attracting and appealing the youth all around the world.

At AJA TECHNOLOGY, we create and customize your own imagination to transform into reality. We render you complete technical assistance to deliver highest customer delight and extreme satisfaction. We have ability to churn creative ideas to explore the gaming platform of the diversified industry.

Why Choose us?
Team of creative staff- AJA TECHNOLOGY offers complete experienced staff involved in the industry from many years to develop 2D Online Games and other Kids games to be impressive.

AJA TECHNOLOGY excels in rendering the most effective SEO services to our clients aiming to provide top ranks and enhanced visibility in the popular search engines. Our promising group of talents increases their presence online and encourages massive genuine web traffic.

Our SEO basket of services includes proper use of keywords, user friendly URLS’s, use of HTMLS, content management and search tags that would help the search engines to indentify your profile quickly and hence recognizing you as a reputed brand image.

Creative Design

At AJA Technology, creativity does a catwalk, donning imagination with style. We have no bounds. In fact, our designs shatter the traditional, whiz past the conventional and land in the exceptional with razor-sharp precision.

Web & Mobile App

Fast forward a decade from now, Apps will run the world. The signs of that happening are evident already. Get you own special App developed for any platform - web or mobile, and simplify your business operation from the best – that’s us.

Corporate Presentation

Corporate HD Video Film is the medium used by Corporates & Companies to convey their message effectively to a large group of audience. The direction and composition of a Corporate HD Video film makes all the difference to a successful communication to its target audience. Information-rich content ideally never ignore the visual nature of the medium in which they operate - quality production and skilled direction can enhance the impact of any corporate HD video film.

AJA Technology is a professional company providing end-to-end solutions for your corporate HD video film project from the initial stages of the idea to the final product.

AJA Technology is involved with the production of numerous corporate HD video film, providing pre-production consultation, filming expertise, shooting equipment's and post-production services to a wide variety of factual projects. AJA Technology has a team of gifted script writers, professional cinematographers, proficient editors and talented voice over artists who have an in depth knowledge in making creative and innovative films which never detract from the central theme. At AJA Technology, we have latest systems and application which facilitate the innovative team to deliver optimal performance all the time:


Creating high quality eLearning content requires a well planned approach and process. We have more than a decade experience in producing interactive elearning content to global customers.


We have in depth expertise in game porting, games involving artificial intelligence, augmented reality , scientific animations or physics. We are all about the game.