About Us

AJA Technology offers businesses of all sizes with advantages of best creativity, reasonable prices, good service and quick turnaround.


The Mission of AJA ANIMATIONS is to widen up the horizons of learning in 2D/3D Animations / Video Editing /Visual Effects etc.. for a diverse sections of students, even from the secondary level and shape them translate their creative skills into a working model.. Pertinent need based identification and evaluation of the requirement of Media & Entertainment industry is aimed to churn out trained professionals with inputs to meet the requirement of any growing Media and Entertainment Industry to flourish. To offer economically viable and cost effective modules that can sustain and augment the potential of employability and professional competence of socially and financially impoverished ones to benefit, with an eye on Nation building.


The Vision of AJA ANIMATIONS is wide and large and essentially focussed to script a new chapter in the Media & Entertainment industry on the following scores. To cast a new mould in the industry, especially in the field of 2D/3D animations, Video Editing/ Visual Effects with creative thinking and innovations. To develop an user friendly platform compatible for a host of practical applications in the industry. Harnessing multitasking potential with growth centered acumen and chart a new course with diverse demands of the growing industry.
To shape and tailor the professionals to walk with a curve of smile on their face that can get set a lot of things straight in their professional domain.
AJA ANIMATIONS crafted one should emerge as an identity and should be sought after by choice, not by chance.



AJA ANIMATIONS has ventured into the contemporary needs of digital world, by extending customized and tailored requirements, to a host of clients in E-Services, website development, Post Production services such as Video Editing , Visual Effects and 2D/3D animations. Game Development in Android and IOS by AJA Technology remains to be a standalone entertainment tool and has left a bench mark in the industry.